Implementing an ERP means you have to make a lot of decisions. Every choice you make will affect the success of implementation.

In Odoo’s case, you can have help from an Official Odoo Partner or go for a freelancer. All projects are unique, so what works for one company may not work for another.

So you might wonder who is the best fit. An Odoo freelancer or Odoo partner?

Both partners and freelancers offer Odoo services.

Implementations, customisations and more that you need to be done.

With Odoo, freelancers have been a good solution. They get the job done and don’t cost that much. But only if it’s a one time type of deal.

Partners have a direct line to Odoo. They have tools and knowledge that isn’t available to others. You can rely on them for support and whatever you may need in the future.

There isn’t an answer to who is the best choice for you. No business is the same. You have to weight the pros and cons and make a decision.
But whom to approach for Odoo ERP implementation – Odoo partners or freelancers?
It is a common notion among the business associations that ERP Implementation is easy to conduct and can be executed with the help of a solitary freelancer/individual with technical python knowledge. However, this is a wrong thought. There are certain risks associated with deploying freelancers for this work. You may find the former cheaper and easily available, however, the quality is what matters the most. This can’t be assured from a freelancer as they are individuals solely working themselves in their own niche of knowledge and methodologies.

This blog pitches why you should choose Odoo Partners over Freelancers to implement your ERP. 
Any ERP implementation demands for a skilled, domain rich talented expertise, who can closely work with clients so as to identify the complex issues, the business work processes, procedures, structures and working of each department like sales, purchase inventory and so on in the business. Therefore, your implementation partner should have a thorough understanding of all these areas so as to successfully deliver an Odoo ERP software suiting your business.

In the case of a freelancer, it is not mandatory that the individual possess knowledge in all industry domains. He may be having an only certain specialization, but not in all dimensions. And this can be a threat to your project if your need surfaces his specialized domains. However, this is not the case with Odoo partners. With Odoo partners and Odoo service providers, you get equipped with Odoo functional experts, Odoo technical experts, proficient consultants, testing teams- having rich knowledge of different domains. Odoo partners will be having long years of experience serving different industry needs, therefore they can rightly complement your necessities.

Odoo partners/Odoo service providers leave their footmark after each project completion. One can sure about the services, domain richness, quality of work and methodologies of Odoo Partners /Odoo service providers from their portfolios.  Their portfolio can be easily assessed and cross-checked with their previous associates, before giving them your final word over the project. However, this can’t be that easy with a freelancer. Freelancers mostly cut off their ties with the clients, post completion of tasks. The relationship is always short and minimal to work. Therefore, cross-checking the authenticity and reliability of the freelancers aren’t feasible as that of partners. 
Meeting deadline is yet another issue with freelancers.

Their involvement with more than one project at a single time, often results with issues in planning and organizing the work schedules and leads to frequent postponing of the projects. However, an Odoo partner or service provider, they uphold professionalism in all stages. They adhere to the committed deadlines and make sure the tasks are completed on time, that too assuring the industry standards. 
There are more grounds that Odoo partners are the best fit rather than freelancers for the work.

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