In many Organizations, Recruitment is a very tedious process. A lot of data and documents are handled manually which may lead to error and losing resources.Talent acquisition is the most challenging jobs of any HR leader. Because the management involves the interplay of large voluminous data and documents, often subjecting to human errors and mistakes. Every application is in a pipeline view from First interview to when the contract is signed. This Module will save a lot of time for the HR department during the recruitment process.


To begin with the recruitment process, various department has to be created. A job position always gets listed under a department. Therefore, creating a department is the foremost task to be carried in the recruitment process. The recruiter can create a department in Odoo by mentioning the parent department and a responsible person ( Manager) for the created department. The department can be marked either as Active or Inactive.

Creating Job Options

Once you have created departments, the next step is to create job openings under the particular department. Here the following details are shown in an overview format.







Upon entering and saving the details, one can see the status of job position as RECRUITMENT IN PROGRESS.

In case, if the recruiter needs to make certain changes in the job position advertised, he can simply click on the EDIT button and make necessary changes. 

Processing Applications

Once the job position is created and published on the website, the recruiter as next step can enter the applications. The information can be either created or imported.

One can enter the applicant’s name, contract details, job details like the expected salary/date of availability and so on. Here again, the recruiter can attach documents relating to the application. 

The recruiter can also create meetings from this page, start interview (which will give away the questions related to the job position), print interview and access documents. 

Created applications, thereafter can be moved from one stage to another like,

• Initial Qualification

• First Interview

• Second Interview

• Contract Proposal

• Contract Signed

It is a simple drag and drops feature introduced by Odoo. From here, the recruiter can rightly identify what is the status of particular job application and can eventually create a new stage for further precedence. Also, a responsible person is authorized to take care of the different stages of the interview.

Via clicking on GENERATE OFFER LINK button, recruiter can send the offer letter to the applicant.  

The contract template, job title, contract type, vehicle info, employee budget gets inserted in the offer letter and via clicking SEND OFFER button, the recruiter can send offer link to the applicant without moments delay.

In case if recruiter finds certain application is matching or meeting the desired qualification listed, he can simply click the CREATE EMPLOYEE BUTTON, denoting the application is selected. However, upon clicking, the REFUSE BUTTON, the application gets rejected.

The recruiter can also easily regulate the recruitment proceeding in the company via clicking STOP RECRUITMENT BUTTON and START RECRUITMENT BUTTON. If the recruitment process is successfully completed, he can click the STOP RECRUITMENT BUTTON. And to resume the process once again, he can click on the START RECRUITMENT BUTTON. 

Resumes and Letter

Odoo’s Kanban view lists every applicant’s letter. Using Odoo recruitment module, the recruiters can therefore easily manage resumes and other pertinent documents provided by the applicant.

Via setting different criteria’s like owner name, date of creation, company, and others, the resumes can be easily filtered for quick verification.

Applying for job

Odoo recruitment module is a comprehensive tool for recruitment process. Soon the recruiter or company publishes the job opportunities in the website, job seekers can view the detailed advertisement and apply for it.

The APPLY NOW button will take job seeker to next level for adding his basic details such as name, phone number, bio, email id, and resume.

The applicant can submit their application by clicking the SUBMIT button. 

In short, Odoo recruitment management module is a boon to recruiters. It can simply help the professionals to carry their task in the most precise and professional manner.

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