Managing day to day accounting activities and handling payroll can be overwhelming at times. Apart from having a talented accounting team, it is also important to use an efficient accounting software program. With the introduction of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020, you can take a sigh of relief as this tool offers some amazing user-friendly features.

What is QuickBooks Desktop Pro?

The Desktop Pro edition by QuickBooks is meant for or small and medium-sized businesses. It allows you to manage all the finances in places and plays a huge role in improving your organization’s productivity. Even if you haven’t used it yet, you’ll be able to use and understand its features easily.

Other Features Offered by QuickBooks Pro 2020:

  1. Oversee all your finances
  • It provides you with a simplified way to make invoices and estimates
  • The Reminder feature sends notifications related to payments due to your customers so that you get payments on time.
  • You can also send more than one invoice in a single email
  1. Monitor your business
  • Creating sales, financial and tax reports is just one click away.
  • Offers automatic scheduling of expenses, P&L statements, and balance sheets.
  • Provides accurate tax reports on time.
  1. Access for up to 3 Users 
  • It does not limit you with one user at a time and allows you to add multiple users at once.
  • Makes a copy of the company profile for your ease.
  • It provides data protection from unauthorized access.
  1. No Prior Accounting Knowledge Needed
  • It takes only a few seconds to open and start running
  • You can watch the tutorial videos and learn all the steps to use the software in the most efficient manner. From Quickbooks desktop payroll guidelines to Error Resolution, tutorial videos of all kinds are available.
  1. Has a simple set-up process
  • Users can now import data directly from a spread sheet
  • Integrates your credit and bank transactions
  • It allows you to control and run multiple businesses for one location.

How is QuickBooks Pro Plus 2020 Different?

QuickBooks Pro Plus 2020 is a slightly advanced version that promises all the features of the basic desktop Pro version including: –

  • Built-in and 24/7 Uninterrupted Support
  • You can opt for a 12 months (one year) subscription
  • Regular and automatic data backup
  • Keeps you updated with the latest features
  • No prior accounting knowledge needed
  • Easy upgrades to new features
  • Users can make professional invoices and estimates
  • Quickly downloading of all your bank transactions.
  • Easy data importing

The major difference between the basic Desktop Pro and the Plus version is that the latter offers one-time payment. Desktop Pro, on the other hand, requests subscription renewal every year. Furthermore, the Plus version offers regular data backups and upgrades. Users never have to buy the most recent version as they can update the same software.

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