QuickBooks printing error is a common problem that arises while printing invoices or PDFs. If you’re looking for a proper solution for this issue, our blog is just right for you. We will provide you with 4 simple solutions to get rid of QuickBooks PDF printing  problems so that your workflow is not affected.

Encountering these issues may lead to problems like – failure to send forms, unable to use PDF converter, printer library not working and so on. However, with the help of QuickBooks print and PDF repair tools, you can easily remove these problems. You can get detailed guidance for using these tools by our experts.

What Causes QuickBooks Print Issues?

There are several reasons why QuickBooks printing problems occur. Some of the major causes include –

  • Missing or incompatible printer drivers
  • Limited folder access permission to the QuickBooks application.
  • A firewall or Antivirus application is disrupting the print procedure.
  • Improper installation of MSXML.
  • XPS Documents Writer doesn’t have the appropriate Windows User Access Authorization.
  • Disabled or damaged XPS service.

Essential Solutions to Eliminate QuickBooks PDF Printing Problems

QuickBooks print issues are quite annoying. To get rid of them, you can use the below-mentioned solutions.

Solution 1: Make Use of the QuickBooks PDF and Print Repair Tool

  • Check whether your QuickBooks software is updated to its latest version before using the tool.
  • In the QuickBooks Tools Hub, click on Program Problems.
  • Then, click and run the QuickBooks Desktop Print and PDF repair tool.
  • The process will begin as soon as you click Run
  • Now, try to email, print or save as PDF from your accounting tool.

Solution 2: Verify to Status of the Reconcile Window

In case your accounting software does not work even after choosing Reconcile from the banking menu, but the PDF work is working; this means that the Reconcile window is off.

  • Select the window menu and go through the list to check whether your Reconcile window is recorded.
  • Then, close all and start the reconciliation once more

Solution 3: Readjust your Temporary Folder Permissions

Resetting or adjusting the folder permission is one of the most effective ways to remove QuickBooks print error. To check the current permission status of the temp folder, use these steps:-

  • In the RUN window, type %Temp% and hit enter
  • Now you need to click on an empty area and when the menu comes up, simply click on Properties
  • Then, switch to the Security tab
  • It is important that you verify all the groups and names visible under the tab have full access or control.
  • Once you have set all the permissions to full, make an attempt to save the PDF again and the issue will hopefully be resolved.
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