Implementing a CRM software requires a great deal of consideration as well as weighing many crucial and often interdependent factors.Today there is a strong appeal for a powerful, dynamic, and financially savvy business application as many enterprises are in the model of cutting edge business. Thus to survive in the competitive edge against the competition, the business calls for the need for a modern and fully developed business tool. ERP software has become a key necessity for the business so as to keep everything in control and fully optimize the assets. ERP Software, particularly CRM Software has become an absolute necessity for any growing or developing business.

However, picking the right CRM for your business isn’t simple. Any business, huge or little, can experience issues finding the right CRM application that fits the intricate and novel needs of its business group.

Zoho CRM

Founded in 1996, the company changed its name from AdventNet in 2009 and began focusing on SaaS services. Zoho is a business applications suite offering more than 30 apps to manage your company. Only available on the cloud, the apps are fully integrated and mobile friendly. This leader in cloud software focuses its budget mainly on R&D projects and insists on the fact that they remain private as no investors are involved.

Zoho CRM exists in 4 versions: Standard, Profes- sional, Enterprise, and CRM Plus. For instances of less than 10 users, you can use Zoho CRM for free. For this comparison we chose to compare the Professional edition.

Odoo Online

Odoo is an open source software that is available in three versions, two of which are local while the other is hosted in the cloud. More than 7,300 apps are available thanks to the multiple developments made by Odoo S.A. and its community.

The cloud-based Online Edition of Odoo ERP offers a customized solution specifically designed to solve SME needs. In this highly modular solution, each business function is carried out by a dedicated app. This allows growing businesses to start with a few apps and to adopt more as their needs change and evolve.

The unique part of this offer is that it’s completely customizable. There are more than 30 certified apps that cover the vast majority of business cases, all of which connect to the same database on Odoo’s servers.

Feature Comparison: Zoho CRM vs Odoo Online


Leads ManagementZoho CRMOdoo Online
Leads ManagementYesYes
Leads ScoringNoYes
Sales QuotasNoYes
Leads AcquisitionZoho CRMOdoo Online
Emails IntegrationYesYes
Contact FormsYesYes
Website Call-To-ActionNoYes
Mass ImportYesYes
Sales PipelineZoho CRMOdoo Online
Opportunities ManagementYesYes
In-Pipeline ManagementNoYes
Pipeline by Expected Closing DatesNoYes
Log CallsYesYes
Scripts/Automated Next ActionsNoYes
RelationshipsZoho CRMOdoo Online
Photos in ContactsNoYes
Multiple Contacts per CompanyYesYes
Multiple Companies per ContactNoYes


QuotationsZoho CRMOdoo Online
Online PaymentNoYes
Inline NegotiationYesYes
Multiple UoMNoYes
Sales OrderZoho CRMOdoo Online
Sales OrdersYesYes
Customer PortalNoYes
Shipper Integration(Cost+ Tracking)NoYes
Subscriptions ManagementNoYes


Leads GenerationZoho CRMOdoo Online
Mass MailingYesYes
Web To Leads CaptureNoYes
Leads Tracking(Visited Pages)NoYes
Leads NurturingNoYes


ReportsZoho CRMOdoo Online
Activities AnalysisYesYes
Pipeline AnalysisNoYes
Sales AnalysisNoYes
Invoice AnalysisNoYes
Sales ForecastsNoYes
Commissions and TargetsYesYes
Recurring BusinessNoYes
Leads AcquisitionZoho CRMOdoo Online
Dynamic GraphsYesYes
Dynamic Pivot TableNoYes
Customizable DashboardYesYes

Productivity & Usability

ProductivityZoho CRMOdoo Online
VOIP IntegrationYesYes
Calendar IntegrationYesYes
Realtime ChatNoYes
Ability To Add FieldsYesYes
Drag and Drop FieldsNoNo
Social Network IntegrationNoNo
EmailZoho CRMOdoo Online
Email IntegrationYesYes
Email TemplatesNoYes
UsabilityZoho CRMOdoo Online
Full Web InterfaceYesYes
Mobile AppNoYes
Android Offline AppNoYes
iPhone Offline AppNoNo
Sales ForecastsNoYes
Leads AcquisitionZoho CRMOdoo Online
Apps StoreNo20,000+ Apps


Pricing & ConditionsZoho CRMOdoo Online
Monthly Pricing$20/PER USERFree
Contract DurationMonthly or YearlyN/A
Free Cloud VersionNoYes
Free TrialYesYes
Free UpdatesYesYes
Upgrades To Future VersionsYesYes
Hosting & MaintenanceYesYes

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