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Client OverviewFujitsu in the Middle East is focused on delivering IT infrastructure across desktop, mobile and data centre environments, together with a full range of related services, from infrastructure, consulting through integration and deployment.The ChallengeEarlier this year 2019, Client decided to replace the manually managing the data using paper-based or excel sheets system is used to process human resource and other key functions of payroll management. As error-prone and inefficient as this paper-based system was, more serious was the lack of standard human resource practices. The client is based across the globe and a presence in Middle East countries supported by over 400 professionals Middle-East, and it was proving hard to track various human resource policies in different territories.The client approached Fidobe Solutions to devise and implement a new system that would solve these problems.The human resource system that Fidobe Solutions envisaged would be required to perform two main tasks:1. To collect and process human resource information. 2. To allow both manager and employees access to this information."Our ultimate goal is to build a global human resource management system infrastructure in which managers and their employees can use the human resource system, along with the third-party service providers, external users, vendors and clients of the company, to process human-related data".To provide a consistent base of human resource information worldwide, Fidobe Solutions recommended the use of a customized platform based on Odoo community platform.The use of a single method of processing data brought Client one step closer to standardizing human resource transactions. Now, employee data from any international territory could be processed and stored in the same way. The new system also allowed Client to centralize all its human resource data in a single facility.It is a cloud-based system, has been devised within two main functions in mind. On the one hand, employees were able to access their own personal data using the web browser. On the other, managers were able to check and approve the status of personnel transactions such as a change in employee information, salary etc. Additionally, it was designed to link other types of activities including Appraisals, Recruitments, Company Policies, Documents, Leave Management and other important reports generation using HR Analytics.Crucially, adopting a cloud-based application such as Odoo HRMS allowed Client to establish an International Human Resource policy, de fining set practices in areas such as salary adjustments, departmental changes, job roles creation, processing new employees and changes in the status of current employees. Any changes in human resource policy could now be implemented simultaneously in all territories.Implementation of Odoo HRMS and usage across all sites of the Client, productivity of work in HR has bounced up. The SolutionBusiness advisors from  Fidobe Solutions LLC  collectively came to a novel solution of HRMS System for the Client, HRMS contains several modules which addresses the problems faced by the organization earlier.Odoo HRMS Solution is a Human Resource Management Software, ideally providing Employee Management, Appraisal, Talent Acquisition, Leave Management, Background Check, Announcements, Analytics and logs. It enables the Administrators to confi gure the standards used in the organization such as currency codes, date formats, ethnic codes, etc. This application also meets the employee's everyday needs like Leave Management, Service Requests etc. It tracks existing employee data which includes personal history, skills, capabilities and accomplishments.In Collaborating with the Odoo HRMS developed by Fidobe Solutions, Fujitsu Team will be able to successfully manage all the information of their employees, Resources, Projects, Clients, Vendors, Assets and Leave Management as well.HRMS Solution built so far was evaluated by Client HR Team and their respective departments rigorously. The Modules that has been implemented are:
  1. Customised Dashboards
  2. Enables Self-Service for employees
  3. Enables Service Request
  4. HR Functions
  5. Appraisal Procedures
  6. Recruitment Cycle Procedures
  7. Background Checks
  8. Organization Information
  9. HR Analytics
  10. Site Confi guration
  11. Expense Management:
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