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After years of rapid growth, Dubai-based Profit General Trading LLC needed an ERP system that would manage its business and wouldn’t demand major network upgrades. The company turned to Odoo (Fidobe Solutions LLC) for the system it needed. One of the most common reasons a business fails is because its IT systems failed to grow with it. Profit Geberal Trading LLC was determined it wouldn’t be next. The lack of a true ERP system was hampering the plans that management had set out for the company. As such, it fell upon the IT department to look for one that would match the requirements of the business.About Sava BrandsSva Brands is a rapidly growing Tea distribution company. It has experienced rapid growth in the past couple of years, spurred on by new contact wins.Odoo Case StudySava decided to get the basics right first and then move onto the more complicated, but powerful things an ERP system allows. Sava settled on odoo because it was the one that- from what our research told us-best suited their requirements. However, just because it was the best fit, that didn’t mean that there weren’t issues for the company. We were moving from simple accounting software QuickBooks to a fully-fledged ERP system. It was a big jump and that’s why we wanted to take it slowly. We couldn’t afford any mistakes. We focused on integrating odoo into one single part of our business-partly because we didn’t want to raise expectations of what the software could do and then disappoint because it didn’t do what we’d promised. Many of the things the company was planning to use the ERP were intended for simply and streamline the businesses. We basically wanted the connectivity, management and the stock management capabilities of an ERP solution, because with our business, if stock levels go below a dangerous level, then we have problems. As it was, there was no way for us to develop trends across the company, at least not without time-consuming research. However, it wasn’t only Sava  that was to benefit from the introduction of Odoo their customer also experienced it with faster turn around time of their orders.However as Tariq Al Aruri, CEO Sava Brands, explains, the implementation of Odoo as the company’s new ERP was only a small part of the overall the company underwent. We aimed at omnichannel sales system.We avoided customization partly because of costs, but also because if in two or three years we needed to upgrade to a new version of Odoo or any other solution, that customization would only create headaches. It’s certainly not the main reason why we avoided customizing it, but it’s certainly one of the biggest benefits looking down the line.About Fidobe Solutions LLC Fidobe Solutions is a leading business firm servicing organizations across the globe through deploying a range of mission-critical business solutions. With strong experience in implementing and supporting business solutions, we strive to support organizational growth and foster performance through consultatively implementing ERP, CRM and BI applications.
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